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Evilspeak (1981)

Nomination Year: 1996
SYNOPSIS:  Chubby misfit Coopersmith (known affectionately to his fellow cadets as "Cooperdick") is having a rough time during his military education. He can't seem to do anything right. Even his superiors appear to take delight in tormenting him. When he's made to clean out the basement of the academy's main building, he stumbles upon a secret room containing an ancient altar and a "how to" book of Satan-worship. Coopersmith inputs all the book's data into a personal computer, which somehow becomes possessed. The corrupted cadet then uses his newfound Infernal might to destroy those who persecuted him. In other words -- everyone. (Where have we heard that before?) I guess knowledge is power.


Cooperdick Becomes Superdick
A ranking officer hears chanting coming from in the basement and heads down to investigate, inadvertently barging in on one of Coopersmith's unholy rituals. Instantaneously, Cooperdick develops super-human strength, grabs the officer, and lightly tosses him up to the ceiling where the hapless man slams into a remarkably convenient chandelier of spikes that just happens to be hanging there. Just to reconfirm here: There are no lights on this chandelier. Never were lights, never will be lights -- just spikes.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Clint Howard Started off as the "This is Tranya" kid on Star Trek, later played with "Gentle Ben," then got relegated to a life of B-Movies. Wouldn't be half so sad if he weren't brother to superstar/director Ron Howard. 
R.G. Armstrong Been in lots, from "Lewis Vendredi" of Friday the 13th: The Series to "Pruneface" in Dick Tracy 
Joseph Cortese Jack Breslin from Somthing Is Out There 
Richard Moll Best known as "Bull" from Night Court; stands 6'8" 
Director Claim to Fame
Eric Weston  

Bryan Cassidy

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