Gamera (1965)
Daikaij├╗ Gamera
Gamera the Invincible
Gammera, the Invincible
The Giant Monster Gamera
The Great Rat Swarm
The Monster Gamera

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  In the Arctic, a plane carrying an atomic bomb crashes, releasing a monster from its aeons-old slumber. That monster is the giant turtle Gamera, whom the Eskimos say is "the Devil's envoy," yet, as the film progresses, somehow becomes "friend to all the children." Gamera saves the life of Kenny, a young boy, who thereafter is unswervingly devoted to the giant monster. Gamera, meanwhile, goes on to commit untold billions in property damage to Tokyo and the surrounding area. Conventional weapons are useless against the monster, and even a plan to entice it into a trap is foiled by Kenny, who warns Gamera. Unable to destroy him (or even harm him, for that matter), the authorities ultimately lure Gamera into the cone of a rocket ship and shoot him off into space.

Worst Acting

"They're Gonna Dub Us Over in Japanese, Right?"
In the beginning, the American Army guys read from what appears to be actual scripts, and they do it in a very stilted fashion. Fat General (with Brooklyn accent): "Calling all planes, uh, fighter planes. In the Arctic Circle." Later, when they're wondering why the enemy can't be spotted on radar, one of the underlings says, "They're coated with, um, electromagnetic...wave paint, sir."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Brian Donlevy  
Albert Dekker  
Director Claim to Fame
Sandy Howard  
Noriaki Yuasa directed at least 8 Gamera films 
Sandy Frank if you ever wondered who turned Gatchaman into Battle of the Planets, look no further.... 

Bryan Cassidy

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