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Killers from Space (1954)

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  A test pilot (Peter Graves) crashes and is kidnapped by (to put it mildly) weird-looking aliens who mind-control him into various despicable acts of treason. Under hypnosis and truth serum, the truth is eventually revealed to the pilot, who didn't know why he did those things. Now fully aware of the aliens' plans, he forces his way into the local power plant and, at gunpoint, makes them shut off the power for ten seconds. This, he claims, will blow up their generators, which require constant power (to keep from blowing up, of course). Sure enough, eight seconds later -- BOOM! Our hero has saved the entire world.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

Attack of the Marty-Men from Planet Feldman
These aliens are so agonizingly ridiculous, they've got to be seen to be believed. If you've ever gotten one of those bug-eyed rubber scrunch-faces (the kind you stick your fingers into the back of) at a carnival, you'll know what I mean -- they look just like that. Ludicrously huge googly eyes! Enormous, bushy, out-to-here eyebrows! Skin-tight caps! If they ever invaded for real, we'd no doubt be so incapacitated with laughter that they'd take over easily...maybe that's their plan.

Worst Special Effect

Superior Alien Technology with One Glaring Design Flaw
Peter escapes from the hospital and drives to the power plant where, evading security, he holds a technician at gunpoint until he cuts the power. Peter's friends arrive and try to talk sense to him, but to no avail. "Just ten seconds," he says, "If I'm wrong, then you can lock me away." When the power is shut off, nothing happens at first. The tense seconds tick away...6...7...8. Suddenly, there's a flash and a boom! Someone points toward the window and shouts "Look!" Cut to the window, through which is Stock Footage of a nuclear explosion. Furthermore, it's clearly a view from above -- like from an aircraft. Is the building flying? (Well, maybe it is -- it was a BIG explosion.) If that's really what they're seeing through that window, then they can kiss their butts goodbye, but they all seem really happy about it. As the blinds sway gently in the radioactive breeze, they stand around and congratulate Peter Graves and apologize for ever doubting him. He's a real hero -- and he did it all in his bathrobe!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Peter Graves Was a serious/sci-fi actor of the 50's, until he played "Captain Oveur" in Airplane! 
James Seay  
Director Claim to Fame
W. Lee Wilder brother of director Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot

Bryan Cassidy

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