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Leprechaun (1993)

Nomination Year: 1994
SYNOPSIS:  Jennifer Aniston (pre-Friends) and "Three Guys That Paint" find a pouch of gold coins in the fixer-upper house they're painting. The big, slow guy Ozzie accidentally swallows one of the coins (oops). They take the rest to a local toy store owner to have them appraised (he knows about these things, you see). Later, they discover an old crate in the basement of the house. It contains a twisted leprechaun (Willow's Warwick Davis -- oh, how the tiny have fallen) who will stop at nothing -- even bloody murder -- to get each and every coin back. The leprechaun first deals with the shop owner, then comes after our protagonists. When they witness the demented little dwarf's brutality, they gladly give over the pouch and the leprechaun goes away happy. That's that, right? Wrong. There should be 100 coins, and the leprechaun only counts 99. Not to worry: he can sniff out the last one no matter where it is. Lucky for him -- unlucky for Ozzie.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Stick It to the Man!
Lamentably, the source tape had been copy-protected and the audience couldn't see much of anything when this clip was presented. Otherwise, I'm absolutely convinced that it would've won not only the '94 award, but potentially the MegaMetaSmithee, too. Ah, well. The coin-collecting toy store owner is alone in his shop after closing hours. He examines the odd gold coin, but can't make heads or tails of it. (Sorry about that--Bryan.) Suddenly, in bursts this demented little freak who demands his gold. When the store owner hesitates in surprise, he's attacked. The leprechaun bites him and smacks him with a shillelagh until he's on his back on the floor, moaning in pain. The leprechaun calls him a "bad shop-owner," then reaches into a corner of the store and grabs a pogo stick. In slow motion, he hops over to the pleading man. The leprechaun pogos on his chest, singing a little song to the breaking of ribs and breastbone:
"This Old Lep', he played one--
He played pogo on his lung!"
At least the leprechaun had the decency to shine the poor man's shoes afterward.

Worst Cover Copy

Our Luck Just Ran Out
Does the tagline refer to the characters in the film -- or the audience? Yes.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Throw It! Throw It!
The cop throws his gun at the leprechaun, then throws his nightstick. *sigh*

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Warwick Davis Before he was the Leprechaun, he was Willow 
Jennifer Aniston Stunningly gorgeous "Rachel" on Friends 
Ken Olandt Once dated Jennifer Aniston 
Mark Holton Large actor who plays large parts, like Chubby from the Teen Wolf films 
Robert Hy Gorman  
John Sanderford  
Director Claim to Fame
Mark Jones  

Bryan Cassidy

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