Blind Rage (1978)

Nomination Year: 2000
SYNOPSIS:  A foolproof bank heist is planned. The foolproof part is that all the robbers are blind. Of course the fools turn out to be smarter or luckier than the heisters expected.

Fred Williamson makes an appearance as the bounty hunter brought in to take down the "masterminds."

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Drowning in Gas
The blind guys are escaping in a hidden panel at the bottom of a gasoline truck. Unfortunately, there's a leak. So now they're drowning in gasoline, fighting to keep their heads above the surface. But the driver makes it to the airport, and is rolling toward escape, when ... she drives right into a plane. The whole thing explodes into a huge fireball.

Smithee Award Winner! Best One-Liner

The International House of Pancakes!
Cop on radio: "Unit 2 to Unit 1. Unit 2 to all units. It's going down right now at the International House of Pancakes!"

Smithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid

Blind Stupidity
The blind men are learning to fire pistols at targets by shooting toward the sound. So in the middle of this lesson, one of the henchlings pulls out a cigarette and lights a match.

Worst Acting

B.T. Anderson, "Mr. Pause"
B.T. Anderson is Mister Pause. ("take a ... crap")

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Fred Williamson "The Hammer" 
Tony Ferrer  
Leila Hermosa  
B.T. Anderson  
Leo Fong middle initial "T" does not stand for "The" 
Director Claim to Fame
Efren C. PiƱon co-wrote Blind Rage 

Kevin Hogan

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