The Terror (1963)
The Castle of Terror
The Haunting
Lady of the Shadows

Nomination Year: 2003
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"Alas, Poor Yorick"

"You're on MY Turf Now, Woman!"
The witch learns too late that the guy she's been trying to kill is really her own son (Karloff). Jack grabs her and tries to drag her through the chapel and into the secret passage so they can save Boris. She resists hysterically, saying she can't go in there because "she's made her pact with another." Alas, too late. She explodes. Jack looks at her flaming corpse as if it's something he's seen every other Tuesday and proceeds without her.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Cover Copy

The Woman Temps the Ship Wreckeded Soldier, Starring Borris Karloff
The TRUE terror is the cover copy of this. Finally a contender in a category I've been traditionally weak in! I like how the bottom claims it was made in USA. Did you know (I'm not making this up): There's a town in Taiwan that actually changed its name to "Usa" (pronounced OO-sah) so that they could legally churn out crappy products "Made in USA." This must be one of those, 'cause it sure ain't from Willmington [sic], Delaware, as they claim. Oh, and beware of heavy finess when you clip it--it's a Fedederal Crime, you know.

Worst Acting

I'm French, Dammit!
This is clearly one of Jack Nicholson's first films and one of Karloff's last. Jack's horrendous. He's supposed to be French, but doesn't even attempt an accent, thank God. (Another clip that illustrates this is when he first approaches the castle. He pounds on the castle door and demands--in his patented Nicholson drawl--that they open up in the name of the French crown). In THIS scene, though, he's confronting the Baron's servant, and acting very badly toward him. And acting very, VERY badly toward us.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Boris Karloff Very famous classic horror actor with distinctive lispy voice and baggy face; made the role of Frankenstein famous 
Jack Nicholson Usually a good actor, especially when being psychotic. 
Sandra Knight Jack Nicholson's ex-wife 
Dick Miller The poor man's Robert Loggia -- squinty and tough-looking 
Dorothy Neumann Looked a lot like Margaret Hamilton; played witches, hags, crones, bag ladies, etc... 
Jonathan Haze Buddy Rich's cousin, Seymour in the original Little Shop of Horrors film 
Director Claim to Fame
Roger Corman Producer of pretty much everything that was ever crappy, ever, and directed most of it 
Francis Ford Coppola Famous director of The Godfather, one of the best of all time; what's he doing here
Monte Hellman notwithstanding this film, he done good -- directing Two-Lane Blacktop and Baretta 
Jack Hill writer of Spider Baby, or The Maddest Story Ever Told 
Jack Nicholson Psycho Jack can more than act...or can he? 

Bryan Cassidy

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