Carnosaur 3: Primal Species  (1996)
Carnosaurio 3
Primal Species
Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS: I once called Carnosaur 2 the least entertaining of the Carnosaur movies. Kevin said I was just asking for trouble. But I was right! Carnosaur 3 IS more entertaining! The government is moving some dinosaur eggs that survived the last two movies to a secure facility when the convoy is hijacked by Irish(!) terrorists who think it's carrying nukes. That works out about as well for the terrorists as you might expect. However, the dinos get loose in the port of LA. After they massacre the port police, a team of elite army anti-terrorist commandos is sent in to take them out. Alas, it's not so much the terrorists that are the problem by this point, so an elite marine team is sent in to fill out the cast, since only three of the army commandos live past the first half hour. They shoot ineffectually at the dinos for a while before the monsters make the unfortunate mistake of moving to a new lair on an empty cargo ship. This allows the soldiers to sail the ship out into the open ocean and then get eaten while trying to scuttle it and send the dinos to Davey Jones' locker.
Greg Pearson
Smithee Award Nominations
Worst Science
The Laying-On of Claws
Carnosaurs can cure disease. What, did they take a couple levels of Cleric?
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Inane Dialogue
Nothing Human Could Have Done This Movie
"Nothing human could have done this."
"That's just what A-rab drug smugglers do. Inspires fear. I saw it on 60 Minutes."
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And in This Corner -- The Colonel!
The Colonel gets into a contest of strength with a dinosaur....and wins!
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Director Claim to Fame
Jonathan Winfrey  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Scott Valentine <Not Yet in Database>  
Rick Dean <Not Yet in Database>  
Rodger Halston <Not Yet in Database>  
Terri J. Vaughn <Not Yet in Database>  
Stephen Lee <Not Yet in Database>  
Cyril O'Reilly <Not Yet in Database>  
Michael McDonald <Not Yet in Database>  
David Roberson <Not Yet in Database>  
Jonathan Winfrey <Not Yet in Database> tends to give himself roles like "Cop," "Bar Patron," "Policeman" in movies that he directs 
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