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The Astounding B Monster A really great site for all things Cult-Movie-ish.
It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie A page with a few movies and reviews on it. Cute.
The IMDb's Bottom 100 Films Based on voting statistics, the Internet Movie Database keeps track of its LOWEST-rated 100 movies, many of which are (strangely enough) also featured in the Smithee Awards. An ever-growing compendium of flubs, gaffes, and bloopers from movies good and Bad. A cool, flashy site where you can watch entire movies for free online, many of them Smithee films...
Allen Smithee's Filmography A list of productions directed, produced, or edited by the Man himself
Directed by Allen Smithee A recent book about the entire Allen Smithee legacy.
SPACE An exhibition of small press & alternative comics. Link buddies.
Smithee Category Animations On-line gallery of the Smithee category animations!
Smithee Awards Blog The Official Blog of the Smithee Awards, where you can get the inside scoop from the Smith-ka-teers.
Smithee Talk Like the Smithee Blog, except you the fan can post! Not that you ever do. *Sniff*
Mr. Smithee's Blog The super-secret blog of Mr. Smithee himself, where he posts thoughts so personal that, if you read them, he'd have to kill you.
Smithee Awards MySpace Page While Mr. Smithee and his Smith-ka-teers are a little old for proper MySpace cred, the Smithees themselves are seventeen, so they're, like, totally the right age for it, you know?
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