Challenge of the Tiger  (1980)
Dragon Bruce Le
Gymkata Killer
La Sfida del Tigre
San lung maang taam
Shen long meng tan
Spezialkommando Feuervogel
Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS: This film was written, produced, directed, and acted in by Bruce Le. Given his choice of co-stars, he chose Richard Harrison. Mr Harrison we know primarily from his role as the Camouflage Ninja in Godfrey Ho's series of Ninja(r) Empire films. This means that ... yes ... Richard Harrison actually interacts directly with Asian people in this movie!

He does a little fighting, but in the Bruce / Richard team, Richard is the lover. Bruce is the fighter. Although Bruce doesn't get the best fight scenes. The most interesting fight scenes are actually between the rival groups of bad guys ... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

At the very beginning of the film, a scientist develops a perfect anti-sperm formula, which is then immediately stolen. Richard (Richard Harrison), and Huang (Bruce Le) are called in to recover this formula before it can fall into the wrong hands.

The bad guys arrange for an auction, so that they can sell the formula to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, the terrorists (apparently North Vietnamese) send a group of people to steal the formula, as they can't afford to buy it.

Much mayhem ensues as Huang & Richard track down the formula while bad guys fight amongst themselves. Eventually the good guys win (almost by default, as the bad guys keep killing each other off), and the world is saved for procreation!

Highlights include the terrorists fighting the antagonists in a hotel room, Bruce Le fighting a bull in a bullring, and Richard Harrison playing tennis against a topless woman.

And lest you ask -- no tigers, no challenge.
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! "Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"
We'll Be Right Back After These Breastages
The men in charge are loath to call in Richard Cannon, because he's a little too friendly with the ladies. Oh, look -- here he is now! Greeted by topless joggers at his house. Playing tennis against a topless woman. At least they swim naked, eh? And finally, canoodling with a topless woman when the call comes from Huang. Oh well, back to the movie!
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Director Claim to Fame
Bruce Le Normally known for his martial arts prowess, he occasionally directed films as well 
Luigi Batzella did a lot of "second unit" directing 
Richard Harrison he directed the "topless tennis" sequence from Challenge of the Tiger 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Bruce Le <Not Yet in Database> Yet another Bruce Lee knock-off, he eventually developed a style all his own 
Richard Harrison <Not Yet in Database> best Caucasian Ninja ever! 
Jang Lee Hwang <Not Yet in Database> former taekwondo instructor of the Korean Army 
Brad Harris <Not Yet in Database> "Captain Tom Roland" in a long string of Kommissar X films 
Bolo Yeung <Not Yet in Database> Star of Bolo 
Dick Randall <Not Yet in Database> one of the producers of this film, as well as The Clones of Bruce Lee, he occasionally acted 
Jon T. Benn <Not Yet in Database>  
Tao Chiang <Not Yet in Database> Prolific Chinese chop-sockey actor with 185 credits, still going. You've probably seen him, even if you don't remember his name. AKA "Ting Hsuen- Yuan" (his birth name), "To Kong," "Do Kong," "Kong Do," and "Chiang Dao." 
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