The Terror of Rome Against the Son of Hercules (1964)
Kampf der Höllenhunde
Maciste - Spartan Gladiaattori
Maciste et les 100 Gladiateurs
Maciste et les Cent Gladiateurs
Maciste, Gladiateur de Sparte
Maciste, Gladiatore di Sparta

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  The Son of Hercules? A complete invention by whoever came up with the original title. The original Italian title translates as "Maciste (Ma-chi-stay), Gladiator of Rome," and has the additional virtue of actually being related to the film. Maciste is Rome's greatest gladiator, which makes him something akin to a modern sports star in terms of wealth, fame, popularity, and not being a slave (what would a bunch of Italians know about Roman history, anyway?). He has a great life, the favor of the emperor, and a beautiful mistress. But, one day, as he's riding to visit his mistress, he sees a peasant woman being chased by Praetorian Guards. He rescues her and instantly falls in love, only to discover that she's a Christian and subject to persecution and arrest. Many hijinks result as Maciste must maintain the illusion of his old life, while secretly (and repeatedly) breaking the Christians out of jail and helping them escape to Iberia, where they'll be safe.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Stop Stabbing Yourself! Stop Stabbing Yourself!
The climactic final battle between the hero and the villain ends when the villain accidentally stabs himself in the balls. D'oh!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Mark Forest took the money he made playing "Maciste" or "Goliath" in movies like this, and studied Opera 
Director Claim to Fame
Mario Caiano  

Greg Pearson

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