Invader (1992)
Naked Robot 4 1/2

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  Years ago, a UFO crashed in New Mexico. The government tried to reverse-engineer the technology, but couldn't make it work. However, they were able to salvage part of the alien computer system. Not letting the fact that they didn't really understand it stand in their way, the military used it to create a Skynet-like defense system, putting it in charge of the entire U.S. Military. To guard against the chance that it might not turn out to be evil, they gave their new system the acronym A.S.M.O.D.S. (pronounced Asmodeus). To nobody's surpise, the computer program turns out to be an evil AI with the ability to mind-control large numbers of military personnel in its quest to take over the world and destroy humanity. The only things standing in its way are an obnoxious tabloid reporter and an FBI agent who may be the first African-American ever to survive a Smithee movie.


This should shine some light on the -- never mind....
The group of soldiers (looking like escapees from a Residents video) shoots out one of the car's two headlights. So there's only one lit headlight. Then there are two. Then one. Then two, but they're both unlit. Then one is shot-out, and the other is lit again.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Hans Bachmann unlike most of the actors in this film, he, at least, has more in imdb than this film 
Director Claim to Fame
Philip J. Cook Not sure if was Matt Groenig's inspiration for Philip J. Fry... 

Greg Pearson

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