Cyborg 3: The Recycler (1994)
Cyborg 3
Cyborg 3: The Creation
Cyborg 3: Zona de Guerra
Cyborg^3: The Recycler

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  Remember Cyborg^2? No? Good! It's fifty years after the end of Cyborg^2 and the hero has died of old age, although cyborg heroine Cash hasn't changed a bit. Aside from the fact that, instead of being played by Angelina "I'm Now Way Too Famous To Be In This Movie" Jolie, she's now played by Khrystyne "Who?" Haje. And she's pregnant, which is impossible, since she's a cyborg. The only way to figure out what's happening to her is for her to try to find the mythical cyborg city of Cytown in the hopes that her own kind can help her. But she's being pursued by Anton Lewellyn (Richard Lynch), a "recycler" who kills cyborgs and sells their parts for scrap. He's hoping she'll lead him to Cytown for the biggest score of his life. She does (although it's really more of the "run-down one-street cyborg town" than "mythical cyborg city"). A big battle ensues.

Inane Dialogue

That's One Strike On The Carfax Report
The car has mysteriously stopped. "We need to get out!"
"I can fix it."
BOOM!!! No, you can't.


9 > 4
Watch the dates -- the cyborg was stolen 50 years before he was created.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Khrystyne Haje  
Richard Lynch Blond, set himself on fire in 1967 after taking LSD; plays bad guys, usually 
Malcolm McDowell "Alex" in A Clockwork Orange; "Soran" in Star Trek: Generations; "H.G. Wells" in Time After Time; famous voice, famous face 
Michael Bailey Smith the only actor besides Robert Englund to play "Freddy Kruger" 
William Katt  
Kato Kaelin most famous houseguest 
Director Claim to Fame
Michael Schroeder wrote Cyborg 2 

Greg Pearson

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