Deep Rising (1998)
Agua Viva
Deep Rising - Presenze dal Profondo
Deep Rising - Uhka syvyyksistä
Deep Rising: El Misterio
Deep rising: El Misterio de las Profundidades
Derinlikte Dehset
Émergence des Profondeurs
The Greed
Krouaziera Horis Epistrofi
O Barco do Inferno
Octalus - Deep Rising
Octalus - Der Tod aus der Tiefe
Uhka Syvyyksistä
Un Cri dans l'Océan

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  It's the maiden voyage of the world's largest luxury ocean liner, an event that always works out well. True to form, a group of heavily-armed terrorists plans on taking over the ship and holding it for ransom. To get on board, they disguise themselves as non-terrorists, and hire unsuspecting mercenary sea captain Treat Williams and his crew to ferry them out to the liner. Unfortunately for the terrorists, they didn't get the memo about avoiding the maiden voyage of the world's largest luxury ocean liner. When they arrive, they find the ship strangely empty. The liner has already been attacked by a bunch of giant man-eating squid, who have killed almost all of the passengers and infested the ship's ductwork. Of course, Treat, his crew, and the terrorists manage to get trapped below-decks with a couple surviving passengers before figuring this out, leading to a sort of rightside-up Poseidon Adventure with squid.

Inane Dialogue

...and us ten-foot-long tentacled chickens!
"There's nothing down here but you and me. Argh!!!"

Crummiest Ending

A Nice Place ... To Die, Maybe
"This looks like a nice enough place." Yeah, right. As soon as the words are out of his mouth, the giant creature off in the distance roars, and the camera pulls back, and we can see the smoking volcano too....

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Treat Williams  
Famke Janssen born in Holland 
Djimon Hounson nominated for 2 Oscars ... but not for this role! 
Director Claim to Fame
Stephen Sommers  

Greg Pearson

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