Circadian Rhythm (2005)

Nomination Year: 2011
SYNOPSIS:  This is the most boring movie I saw this year that didn't involve people walking endlessly through the desert.

A woman wakes up in an abandoned building. She has no idea who she is, where she is, or why she's there. A series of disjointed flashbacks suggest she might be a government assassin. She might have just killed some people. She might have a daughter. Or she might be the daughter. She meets a woman who claims to be from the same spy agency she is. She meets a man who claims to be from the same spy agency she is and says the woman is lying. Both of them need the information in her head. Neither will say what it is. There are flashbacks. There are chases. There are more flashbacks. One of the spies dies. There are even more flashbacks. She goes to the cops and confesses the killings, but the cop can't find any bodies and the victims appear to be alive. Unless they're impostors. Or maybe the cop is actually another agent trying to get her to tell him what she knows. She flees from the cop. There are more flashbacks. She might be J. Edgar Hoover's daughter. The secret she knows might be that J. Edgar is still alive and she knows where he is. Or the whole thing might be an FBI mind control experiment. Only one thing is certain -- we stopped caring long, long before.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Moondance ... of Death!
Our protagonist is just about to get some important information when her informant is run down by a van. What's special about this scene is that it's edited incredibly poorly. The actor has to pause and wait for the killer van to catch up to him (in another shot).

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Seymour Cassel Best Supporting Actor nomination for Faces, he's another one of those actors who likes to work, regardless of the quality of the finished product 
David Anders found his niche on television (The Vampire Diaries, 24, heroes, Alias
Director Claim to Fame
RenĂ© Besson no relation to Luc Besson 

Greg Pearson

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