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Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy (1968)

Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS:  In the far future, Jane Fonda plays Barbarella, a kind of "secret agent from space" sent to foil the plans of an evil overlord. Along the way, she encounters various beings -- all of whom somehow manage to get her clothes off -- including: a tribe of aliens who capture her and try to sacrifice her to a horde of carnivorous dolls; an angel without memory who helps her; and finally the Evil One himself, Duran Duran (no, not the rock group who took their name from him). Duran Duran subjects Barbarella to the most nefarious torture device of all time: a machine that kills by pleasure. Let's hope Dr. Kevorkian doesn't get his hands on this one.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

That Zero-G Look Won't Last after 40, You Know
There were so many examples, we decided just to look no further than the opening credit sequence. Barbarella, weightless (complete with strings attached), takes off her spacesuit. And the clothes underneath it. And the undergarments under them. The letters of the credits actually fly around and attempt to hide the naughtier parts, but (by design) don't do a very good job. It's ineffective -- and funny.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jane Fonda Daughter of Henry Fonda; did exercise videos 
John Phillip Law Played the angel "Pygar" in Barbarella, then was typecast as space villains 
Anita Pallenberg Dated 3 of the original Rolling Stones, who wrote "Angie" for her 
Milo O'Shea "Duran Duran" in Barbarella; corrupt judge in The Verdict 
Marcel Marceau World-famous French mime 
Claude Dauphin  
Antonio Sabato Father of Antonio Sabato, Jr. 
Director Claim to Fame
Roger Vadim  

Bryan Cassidy

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