Fiend (1980)
Deadly Neighbor

Nomination Year: 2011
SYNOPSIS:  As the opening text tells us, a fiend is a spirit that animates a corpse and then must continue to kill in order to maintain its human appearance. Well, a fiend moves in next door to a young couple and people start dying left and right. The husband immediately suspects his odd neighbor, a music teacher named Longfellow. He's right.

Most Ludicrous Premise

The Legend of the Fiend
Gary reads a book he bought in the occult shop and learns all about the fiend. And how there was a fiend named Dorian way back when. Say, wasn't Longfellow's cat named Dorian?

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Little Scottie sees the fiend act suspicious and go into a drain pipe. Since the proper thing to do when half a dozen people in the immediate area have been killed is to follow the creepy guy, that's just what he does. And on the other side, he sees Longfellow meet with Mr. Frye. Why is Frye there? Let me paraphrase. "Gosh, Mr. Longfellow, I know you have no alibi for the latest little girl's death practically in your backyard, but why did you have me lie to the police about your whereabouts at the time of the murder, and why did you ask me to meet you in the middle of the woods alone?" I think you can guess the rest.

Worst Special Effect

With Fiends Like This, Who Needs Enemas?
Little Scottie finds a sword on the wall and stabs the fiend. The fiend yells tremendously and turns back into the wiggly red ghost, who flies through the STARS and vanishes.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Don Leifert film historian was his real job 
Director Claim to Fame
Don Dohler creator of Cinemagic film magazine 

Bryan Cassidy

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