Brides of Blood (1968)
Brides of Blood Island
Brides of Death
Brides of the Beast
Danger on Tiki Island
Grave Desires
The Island of Living Horror
Orgy of Blood
Terror on Blood Island

Nomination Year: 2011

This film had everything.

Anyway, this scientist, his horny and unfaithful wife, and a Peace Corps volunteer all travel to a remote island where the plants move and are carnivorous, the animals and insects are mutants, and the natives sacrifice virgins to a mysterious creature. It's all related.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Dialogue by Yogi Berra
"Have you ever seen anything like this?"
"No, not even in a situation exactly like this."

Stupidest-Looking Monster

And They Can't Even Pronounce His Name Right
It's bad enough the guy turns into THIS (something like an animate green Tiki statue with frizzy eyebrows), but Jim insists on making "Esteban" rhyme with "Wes Craven."

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Science

Seems Like We Have a Bad Case of Radioactive Land Crabs
Ah, the island was near nuclear tests. But nothing was affected ... was it? And can we ever know? And what is possible, anyway?

Inane Dialogue

Three Clips in One!
It comes hard and fast in this movie. The "specimen" speech is incomprehensible. "It's so still." Yeah, except the wind is howling and EVERYTHING'S MOVING.

Worst Special Effect

Doll Head
The trees are very wavey-rubber-limbsy, but when it comes to the decapitated head of the scientist's wife? OMG. They didn't. Even. Try.

Worst Picture

Earthquake/Insect/Agh, Can't Keep Up!
They hear a growling and someone asks "Earthquake?" It's so clearly not.
Then: A pretty, uh, butterfly on a string appears. It starts changing shape. "It's changing shape!" someone cries. The scientist gets attacked. Yay!
And we see ... approaching the bound, naked native woman ... the Stupidest-Looking Monster....

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Kent Taylor  
Director Claim to Fame
Gerardo de Leon aka "Gerry" 
Eddie Romero  

Bryan Cassidy

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