The Creeper (1977)
Rituals, il Trekking della Morte

Nomination Year: 2011
SYNOPSIS:  I think this was maybe meant to ride on the coat-tails of Deliverance. Who knows? But five doctors go on a camping trip out in the middle of nowhere. WAY out. Unfortunately for them, they're stalked by a psychopath who hates doctors. In the end, all of them die except for one. Hal Holbrook's character.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Moon Bumps and Magic
Legend says this lovely valley was formed when the moon accidentally bumped the Earth. But Marty has this theory that the end overlaps the beginning and forms the middle ... wait, what??

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Hal Holbrook Emmy-winning, Tony-winning, Oscar-nominated actor 
Director Claim to Fame
Peter Carter  

Bryan Cassidy

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