The Devil With Seven Faces (1971)
Bloody Mary
The Devil Has Seven Faces
Il Diavolo a Sette Facce

Nomination Year: 2011
SYNOPSIS:  An Italian suspense film where a beautiful woman is (allegedly) mistaken for her twin sister by some jewel thieves who think she has a million-dollar diamond. She's helped by her lawyer and his friend Tony. She gets quite chummy with the latter until she finds out he's one of the thieves -- her sister's no-account ex-husband, in fact! Then it's revealed that the woman herself is the diamond thief and no longer has a twin; she was both of them all along. The lawyer doesn't care. She's hot. Add a bunch of murders and an overly suave police captain, and you've got this film. The only reason for the title that I can think of was that this was about the same time as The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao; or perhaps that like The Three Faces of Eve, it's about multiple personality disorder. Except in this movie, the woman wasn't insane, and was fully aware she was trying to fool everyone.

Inane Dialogue

"Twins, But Only Physically"
Weird conversation which includes "We're identical twins, but only physically." Then there's a noise, which they all agree "was just a window." Everyone in the audience knows it's not. Finally, she goes: "Where was I?" "You were saying you didn't get along very well." "We didn't get along very well."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Carroll Baker nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Baby Doll back in 1957 
Director Claim to Fame
Osvaldo Civirani co-wrote the Devil With Seven Faces 

Bryan Cassidy

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