Gunheavy (2008)

Nomination Year: 2012
SYNOPSIS:  In a future that's either post-apocalyptic or dystopian, a paramilitary organization seems to control most of the world. A group of defectors steal a top secret prototype and try to smuggle it to the rebels. A soldier on the verge of retirement is conscripted to lead one last mission -- take a small team into the African jungle, track down the defectors, and recover the prototype before the rebels can get it. But are his employers the good guys... or the bad guys?

Who knows. This is one of those movies that you start to forget even as you watch it. There are gunfights, betrayals, counter betrayals, more gunfights, pointless interludes dealing with a different set of rebels who have nothing to do with the actual plot, all leading to a climactic set-piece battle. In the end, something happens and somebody wins, but by that point you've pretty much lost track of what's going on, so you're not really sure if it's good or bad. The ending I mean. You are really sure if the movie's good or bad.

Deus Ex Machina

Talk about putting the Machina in Deus Ex Machina!
Our heroes are getting their asses kicked by a battle mech. It's completely impervious to their rifle fire. Even their anti-tank rocket has no effect. Fortunately, they have a previously unmentioned orbital laser cannon.

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Grant Bashore  
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Angelo Lopes  

Greg Pearson

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