Locusts: the 8th Plague (2005)
Wild Swarms

Nomination Year: 2012
SYNOPSIS:  A biotech company is working to create a swarm of carnivorous locusts that eat agricultural pests. They turn out to be wildly successful, if you consider humans to be agricultural pests. Fortunately, the locusts are all sterile drones. Except for that queen nobody noticed. Also fortunately, the lab they were created in is completely escape-proof. Kind of like Stalag 13.

Colt used be one of the top scientists on locust project. He even married the boss's daughter Vicky, a crack U.S. Department of Agriculture investigator. Then he decided the project was far too dangerous and quit to become an organic pesticide expert. That experience is just what he needs when the job he's working on goes sour and his clients are eaten by a swarm of carnivorous locusts. A very familiar swarm of carnivorous locusts...

Colt runs back to town and alerts Vicky, who calls in a USDA black ops strike team to investigate. Alas, the USDA's assault rifles and flame throwers are no match for the locust swarm. The locusts disrupt various idyllic midwestern scenes, such as a family picnic and a county fair. The USDA sets up a high-tech command post and brings out their really heavy weaponry -- the famous USDA attack helicopter squadron and a pesticide so dangerous even its existence is Top Secret. Meanwhile, they also call out the National Guard for crowd control. Naturally, the Guardies, not having nearly the firepower of the USDA, quickly become locust lunch.

As Vicky and the USDA prepare to unleash the Pesticide of Doom, Colt realizes that they've got it all wrong -- the answer is to go organic! With his faithful old crop dusting plane and a load of organic pesticide, he can do what all the awesome firepower of the USDA can't -- stop the locusts and end the movie.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Alas, poor flamethrower guy.
As Locusts attack, the elite USDA commando strike team springs into action, flamethrowers at the ready! This works less well than you might think -- especially when the locusts dislodge the gas feed, and USDA Flamethrower Guy #3 goes down in flames.

Worst Science

It's stupid and preachy!
The locusts are attracted to pesticides. The hero and heroine survived their attack because they only eat organic food, so they didn't have any pesticide residue in their bodies.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jeff Fahey Was the Lawnmower Man, and turns up as a leading man in a bunch of other Bad Movies -- his first role was in Silverado 
Director Claim to Fame
Ian Gilmour directed much of the BeastMaster TV show 

Greg Pearson

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