Lady Frankenstein (1971)
Córka Frankensteina
Daughter of Frankenstein
A Filha de Frankenstein
La Figlia di Frankenstein
Lady Frankenstein, Cette Obsédée Sexuelle
Laidi Frankenstein
Madame Frankenstein
A Mulher de Frankenstein

Nomination Year: 2013
SYNOPSIS:  Victor--er, excuse me, BORIS in this one--von Frankenstein is up to his old tricks, paying the village rogue to bring him corpses to reanimate. But in this offering, Dr. F. has an equally-obsessed hot daughter, and a younger assistant who's hot for her. When the doc's latest creature inevitably breaks loose, kills him, and starts a murderous rampage, Lady Frankenstein covers it up with a lame story of a robber. Then seduces the assistant into letting her transplant his brain into ANOTHER monster to stop the first (brilliant idea!). It's of course only coinicidental that the body she chooses is supremely handsome...

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

A normal interrogation by the clever captain. Suddenly, a whore pops up. Lynch covers her…then seems to think better of it and uncovers her for the cameras.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

"What?! Take a few minutes to repair the damage to the brain rather than risk the creature becoming irrational and violent? Never!" Also, even the soundtrack is trying to stop them! "Instinct! That's what matters!" Of course. Because Science is never wrong.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Rosalba Neri Italian scream queen 
Joseph Cotten From Jedediah in Citizen Kane to Holly Martins in The Third this 
Paul Muller Swiss character actor 
Peter Whiteman  
Herbert Fux  
Director Claim to Fame
Mel Welles Wrote story & screenplay for Maneater of Hydra 
Aureliano Luppi  

Bryan Cassidy

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