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Nomination Year: 2013
SYNOPSIS:  What Smithee year would be complete without Yet Another Human Hunt Movie? This one wanted to be Rambo SO BAD. The evil Colonel Hogan runs a tight ship of commando mercenaries. Human hunts and intank death to anyone who shows a sign of weakness. But when they snatch a random guy for their next "training exercise," they snatch the WRONG random guy: Danton, trained years ago by Hogan himself. The best of the best of the best of the best of the… You get the idea. It's 400 to 1. They don't stand a chance.


This Guy's a Pro. You're Not.
The guy's *right there* in a tree. The commandos even look around a little, then run right under him. Like maybe three feet under him.

Deus Ex Machina

This Makes Us Even
One of the last remaining mercs gets the drop on Danton. There is no escape. BANG! He does a quick check of his man-boobs--no blood! Turns out one of the OTHER mercs was someone whose life he saved back in 'Nam. Just paying back the favor.

Best One-Liner

Bad Timing
Danton uses his Batman voice. "I just joined today!" "Bad timing." Stab.


Armed and Dangerous
Wife runs. Gets recaptured by lieutenant (Thornton). He kills her. Danton yells and charges. Despite several obvious direct hits, Danton ignores the bullets and chops off Thorton's arm. He then beats him to death with it. Then he scalps him and yells "Nooooooo!" in classic Darth Vader fashion.

Worst Special Effect

What Do Bad Movie Helicopters Always Do? Class?
He's finally deciding to use a gun. After taking out a tank by dropping a grenade down in it, he deals with the copter after him. Mini-grenade = BAD exploding copter effect.

Worst Picture

"Daddy! Please Help Me with My Acting!"
Stilted, one-sided phone call.

Worst Picture

Why isn't he using the captured guns?? Anyway, he whittles a spear, "sneaks" up behind a whole platoon and lets fly with a "whopwhopwhop" sound. Gaaaaah! Guy dies. Platoon turns right around and runs back the other way, but nobody sees anything or fires a round.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Ted Prior His brother co-wrote The P.A.C.K. 
Troy Donahue  
David Campbell  
Cameron Mitchell a preacher's son, he chose a darker path for his life 
Suzanne Tara Dana the Candystriper on "Doogie Howser, M.D." 
Director Claim to Fame
David A. Prior Also writer of Future Force, Future Zone, and The P.A.C.K., among others 

Bryan Cassidy

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