Mirror Wars: Reflection One (2005)
Mirror Wars - Amea├ža Terrorista
Reflejos de Guerra
Zerkalnye voyny. Otrazhenie pervoe

Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS:  This movie was a Russian attempt to start up a series of spy thrillers. So far, no other films have materialized.

Codename: Sabretooth! A Russian stealth fighter that could change the balance of power! And it's all done with composite materials and stealth coatings, so it can use all the existing weapon systems of a regular jet. It also looks just like a regular jet, which certainly saves money on special effects. Unfortunately, someone is assassinating all the test pilots.

It's a post-Cold-War thriller where an evil British weapons dealer is looking to heat things back up by using the invisible jet to shoot down Air Force One. He intends to blame terrorists and make billions off of the weapon sales! Will our heroic Russian pilot manage to thwart his plans? And what about the beautiful American ecologist that he loves? Is she really a CIA operative? And what role does the Mysterious Man (Rutger Hauer) play in all of this?

Tune in next time for another exciting episode!

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

That'll hold it
Bad guy plugs leak with explosives

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Malcolm McDowell "Alex" in A Clockwork Orange; "Soran" in Star Trek: Generations; "H.G. Wells" in Time After Time; famous voice, famous face 
Armand Assante  
Rutger Hauer Very blond, ruggedly handsome action star who played the main android in Blade Runner 
Director Claim to Fame
Vasili Chiginsky  

Matt Quirk

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