Hellhounds  (2009)
GuardiƵes de Hades
Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS: In ancient Greece, the warrior Kleitos (some guy you think you've seen in something else but haven't) is about to marry Princess Demetria (some woman you'd *swear* you've seen in something else but haven't). Unfortunately, at the reception, she's poisoned by her evil ex (some other guy you think you've seen in something else but haven't). Even worse, the local Seeress says that, instead of going to the Elysian Fields, she's been taken to Tartarus to be the new bride of Hades, who's apparently still pissed at Persephone over that whole Shredder Orpheus thing. Cletus decides to go to the Underworld to get her back, accompanied by his best friend (some guy you actually might have seen in something else but can't quite place), his wimpy scholar brother (some guy you definitely haven't seen in anything else), evil ex, and a pair of guys in red tunics. They bumble around Tartarus for a while and eventually managed to find Demetria. In the process, evil ex and both redtunics are killed, but nobody bothers to go back and save them. Well, almost nobody. Hades is a little ticked about the escape, so he offers evil ex a free pass on the whole eternity of torment thing if he leads the hounds of hell on a mission to the mortal world to bring back the princess. Ex and the hounds track Cletus and Demetria across Greece, in the process killing an entire village, several random soldiers, the Seeress, the best friend, and the brother's girlfriend before Cletus finally manages to defeat them. So, basically, Cletus gets about 40 people killed to bring back one soul from the Underworld. Go, Cletus!
Greg Pearson
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Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid
Let's Climb This Skull
We're lost. Let's climb this creepy skull-shaped mountain and take a look around.
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