Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS:  If you're of a certain age, you may remember a short-lived show from the early 90s called "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," where Sean Patrick Flanery played a teenage version of the famous archeologist. If so, you may have wondered what he's been doing since. The answer, apparently, is wandering around the Mongolian desert looking for Ghenghis Khan's tomb and the treasure horde buried therein. After years of searching, he's certain he's finally getting close, thanks to a sudden upsurge in worm-related deaths. See, the tomb is protected by the legendary Mongolian Death Worms and if they're suddenly on the loose, the tomb can't be far away. Two American doctors are delivering medicine to a Mongolian village which has recently experienced a cholera epidemic, thanks to Death Worms in the water supply. Unfortunately, their jeep breaks down in the middle of the steppe. Fortunately, the local cop happens by. Unfortunately, he has more important things to do than help them. Fortunately, Indy happens by. Even more fortunately, he's a friend of the cop, who enlists him to ferry the doctors to their destination. Unfortunately, he owes money to the local mob, and they all get ambushed and captured. Fortunately, the Death Worms show up. And that's not something you get to say everyday. Meanwhile, an oil company has set up an experimental fracking plant, which just happens to be located directly over Ghenghis Khan's tomb. On the plus side, this allowed the corrupt American plant manager to steal the treasure, which he's going to smuggle out of the country just as soon as the local mobsters show up to help him. On the minus side, Death Worms turn out to put a real damper in your fracking operation. In the end, everybody meets up at the fracking plant, which explodes with a satisfying boom. More importantly, although every Mongolian with a speaking role dies, no non-oilworker Americans are injured.

Worst Science

We'll Need a Giant Toilet To Stop Them
The worms were in suspended animation, like Sea Monkeys. (You probably think the Sea Monkey line is just me being sarcastic...)

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Greg Pearson

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