Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS:  A once-famous actress past her prime concocts a plan with her sleazy agent to catapult her back into the limelight: In order to be a shoe-in for landing the part of an insane person in Hollywood’s hottest director’s latest film, she feigns a nervous breakdown and purposely commits herself. The plan was for her to study and model the behavior of real mentally ill patients close-up for a week or two, then get released by telling the sanitarium staff, “Ha! It was all an act! My bad!” with her agent to corroborate. The agent, though, has other plans…he leaves her there to rot. Then she really does go crazy and vows to eliminate him and all those who stand in her way of getting that part.

Inane Dialogue

Extreme Behavior
“I must say I expected more extreme behavior…” Two seconds later—she attacks!

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Bryan Cassidy

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