Decadent Evil (2005)

Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS:  Would-be vampire queen Morella needs just 10,000 kills to make her invincible. And she’s up to 9,997. She turned an ex-lover into a homunculus (which she claims is part lizard) and keeps him in a cage in her bedroom. Her two slaves are Sugar and Spyce. Sugar has fallen in love with Dex, a human. Dex is befriended by a midget vampire hunter, and the stage is set for a rotten film with thin plot and wooden acting. This film also has the bizarre distinction of being the second I watched this year with a stripper named Sugar. Er, that is, the second where there’s a character in the film who’s a stripper named Sugar.


Wide Open to Ridicule
Sugar’s supposed to clean Marvin’s cage. But she leaves the doors wide open just because there’s a knock at the door. Is there a Shortest Attention Span category?

Stupidest-Looking Monster

Who’s Getting Fucked Here?
Morella turns into a homonculous (green, with tits), and then…Marvin gets to do her homonculous style. Then, as if the scene weren’t already worthy of a Basket Case 2 nod, there’s an easter egg in the credits where they go…faster…until… Guuuuhhh. *shudder*

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Bryan Cassidy

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