Death Warmed Up (1984)
Death Warmed Over

Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS:  Another mad scientist, determined to conquer death somehow by operating on people’s brains, including his own son’s when the lad “learns too much.” Only problem is: The process drives the patients violently, homicidally insane, just before their heads explode. No matter! I’m a genius! A genius, I tell you! I even have my own secluded island filled with unlimited test subjects! Nobody can kill me now, least of all my son out for vengeance and his unsuspecting group of meddling kids! Gak!

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Ass Shot
Son is taking a shower. He uses a freaking HORSE SYRINGE (well…sheep syringe, anyway—it’s New Zealand) and accosts him in the shower. Then carries him naked through the hallway.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

SOMEBODY Should Get Fired over This
It’s bad enough she’s been shot, and attacked, and bitten near to death. She’s hurt, so for safekeeping her friends put her in the store room where they keep the radioactive juice. Suddenly, a noise from the dark corner. Something’s in there with her! It’s one of the maniacs! She starts throwing stuff at it. But then she hits a TOASTER OVEN (?!). It explodes. (?!) Fire! Bad guy catches on fire! Yay! Uh…good girl catches on fire…BOOOM! YAY!


BOOM: Quality Is an Obsolete Word
Death may be an obsolete word, but you know what isn’t? “BOOM SHOT.” It’s nice that she has her nipples out when it happens. And a MLP clip on the telly.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

I’m Gonna Kill You
“Nobody’s going to kill me.” But first let me lead you through this operating room full of sharp implements you could kill me with while my back is turned. The Genetic Recombination has mutated. I can’t stop it. But I must survive if it is to be stopped. You must trust me. GAK. (The gongs are a nice touch)

Worst Acting

Ranji Ghandi Racial Stereotype
Really really bad goofy Indian proprietor portrayal(Jonathan Hardy). I’m having a mystical experience, too.

Worst Picture

Zap! You’re Dead
She BEGGED him not to stop. She BEGGED him not to get out. “We’re alive! It’s over!” she cries. He stops. He gets out. He cries. He hears a zapping sound. He looks up. For no reason whatsoever, the power lines detach themselves and ZZZAAAPPP! He’s dead. She screams. She cries. She runs. The End.

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