The Astral Factor (1976)

Nomination Year: 2014
SYNOPSIS:  The illegitimate son of a famous actress is in an asylum for murdering Mommy Dearest. But he studies the occult and learns the art of turning invisible and telekinesis. He then goes after the five beautiful women he went after before (“mommy substitutes” you see). Only a Brady-Dad-looking 70’s maverick cop with nothing left to lose (except his beautiful girlfriend) is smart enough to figure out that the killer…is invisible! So’s the budget.


She’s Feeling a Bit Loopy
Sleepy birthday girl says goodbye to rough cop boyfriend, then gets LOOPed over.

Worst Special Effect

“Convict! You Can Do Magic Things!”
The killer learns psychic powers. He glows! The guy across the hall gives him shit. His eyes glow! The other guy’s glasses break…then he gets thrown backwards…then books fall on him…then the mattress off his bed attacks…then his shoes kick him…

Crummiest Ending

Invisible Does Not Mean Bulletproof
Astral projection can’t stop bullets, or contrast effect! Shocking scene on the stairs! But wait, he disappears! Or goes off to Hell, or something.

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Bryan Cassidy

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