Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back (1990)
Amazonesu 2
Barbarian Queen II

Nomination Year: 2016
SYNOPSIS:  This movie is billed as the sequel to Barbarian Queen, and in a way it is. It features the same lead actress (Lana Clarkson) as a queen who is imprisoned by a Usurper and tortured while half-naked. It’s good for a movie to have a sense of its raison d’etre, and in this film there are clearly two.

Unfortunately, it has no sense of its own pacing. It’s not paced like an action movie. It’s not paced like a drama or a comedy either. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be paced like, but as long as you’re willing to wade through some talky bits before Athalia does something or her top comes off, you’ll probably be okay with this film.

The bad guy, Ankaris, is as far over the top as Athalia is popping out of hers, but the actress who plays his daughter Tamis (Cecilia Tijerina) is very good at the creepy child thing. The best scene is when Athalia has been captured and the daughter is getting some pointers from the castle torturer. He rips off Athalia’s top (theme? motif? boob fugue?) while she is stretched on the rack. "What an awesomely disgusting sight," he says to Tamis. "It’s not pain that breaks them. It’s fear."

Eventually Athalia escapes, gets a magic something or other, and leads the revolt of peasants and female warriors blah blah blah you’ve seen them before.


Athalia's escape

Smithee Award Winner! "Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Cat fight mud wrestling

Worst Acting

Ankaris [Alejandro Bracho] rants

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Lana Clarkson Was in Deathstalker. Murdered by Phil Spector. 
Alejandro Bracho continues to act (as recently as 2015) 
Cecilia Tijerina most of the Acting she does is in Spanish 
Director Claim to Fame
Joe Finley does color grading on the Game of Thrones TV show on H.B.O. 

Kevin Hogan

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