Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde (1976)
Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde

Nomination Year: 2016
SYNOPSIS:  Handsome and successful Dr. Henry Pryde is some kind of ghetto saint. He volunteers at the Free Clinic and gives money to those less fortunate. He does groundbreaking research on the regeneration of the liver with another scientist, who happens to be his wife. And he even makes time to take a personal interest in the welfare of one of his favorite patients, Linda, a smitten prostitute who happens not to be his wife. Dr. Pryde’s life takes a horrific turn when he decides to use his experimental serum on himself, despite having seen black rats (and one hapless elderly woman patient) turn into hyper-aggressive albinos under its influence. Now possessed of superhuman strength and toughness, this clearly-not-quite-a-Caucasian version of the good doctor goes on a rampage, killing pimps and hookers who’ve hassled Linda. Corrupted by power and his own curdled desire to help mankind, Pryde tries to force Linda to take the serum, bypassing all decent standards of human experimentation. She escapes, and the not-so-good-anymore doctor meets a sorry, King Kong-esque end at the hands (i.e., bullets) of the pair of cops who'd been closing in on him.


Hyding in Plain Sight
Dr. Pride’s evil side (let’s just call him Hyde) has gone to see Linda, found a bunch of bad folks hassling her, and started busting up the joint. Nobody could stop him. But, feeling the serum start to wear off, he stumbles outside and only gets a few yards before collapsing against a fence. Right on his heels come the guys determined to kick his ass, and they catch him right away, but…they suddenly decide that this can’t be the guy, because the other guy was white! As we saw from the last clip, Hyde looks about as white as whitewall tire, but of course this guy who’s right here where we expect our guy to be, has an identical cut on his arm, looks exhausted from, I dunno, maybe a fight, and couldn’t possibly have quickly wiped off makeup in the three or four seconds since leaving the door—no, this couldn’t be him. Hey, this disguise is better than Clark Kent’s glasses!

Best One-Liner

Bad Cop, Incomprehensible Cop
Our cop buddies are investigating the incident at the bar. But, true to the ghetto code, nobody’s talking. This gets the white cop angry, but somehow his partner always seems to know just what to say… This one is arguably better than the “Some Shit” clip.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Human Research Guidelines Violations
Desperate to try his Little Liver Serum, Dr. Bla—er, Pryde—gives some to an elderly patient who’s on the brink of death, figuring there was little to lose and potentially everything to gain. Well, lose he did, because the old lady turned white (ish) and nearly strangled her nurse to death in a blind rage. Despite this, plus earlier findings that black rats turn albino and eat all the other rats in the cage, he is seen here injecting himself. Pryde goeth before a fall.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Bernie Casey Former pro footballer, he plays the stony-faced Big Black Guy in many films, often as a police detective 
Rosalind Cash Was in soaps and many an African- American sitcom 
Marie O'Henry  
Director Claim to Fame
William Crain Directed Blacula, Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde, "Blacksky and Hutch," "The Blacks of Hazzard..." Well, okay, Starsky and Dukes, respectively. 

Bryan Cassidy

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