Bloodthirst 2: Revenge of the Chupacabras (2005)

Nomination Year: 2016
SYNOPSIS:  Detective Steve Andrews is investigating the disappearance of a pretty college co-ed when he gets a call that an inmate at the Hagerthy Psychiatric Hospital might know something about the case. The inmate, Charles Parker, has been telling the strange story of a vicious vampire-like beast called the Chupacabras that he claims he trapped in a nearby mine and destroyed after it had savagely killed a number of the local citizenry. Among the missing: a girl who matches the description of the college co-ed. Before Andrews can talk to him, however, the inmate escapes leading the Detective into a maze of horror and the realization that he must find the missing girl before time runs out.


Turn Away
Turn around while your prisoner runs away.

Smithee Award Winner! Stupidest-Looking Monster


Crummiest Ending

It was actually a werechupacabra.

Worst Acting

Devil Goat Soal-Sucking
The devil's been sucking the souls of his goats. (With Gary Agid) Up to when they leave the room.

Worst Picture

Something Gets the Padre's Goat
The priest in the barn. Inanes, Acting Stupids, and Alases.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Bruce Shaw  
Gary Agid  
Director Claim to Fame
Jonathan Mumm  


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