Demented Death Farm Massacre (1971)
Death Farm
Dias de Horror y Muerte
Die Todesfarm
The Hillbilly Hooker
Honey Britches
Honey Pie
Little Whorehouse on the Prairie
Moonshiners' Women
Shantytown Honeymoon

Nomination Year: 2017
SYNOPSIS:  This movie represents the triumph of banjos over optimism.

Four diamond thieves need to lay low for a while, so they force themselves into the house of a country bumpkin with a sexy young wife. Hijinx do not ensue, but horrible acting does. If we take “acting” to be synonymous with “hollering in a vexatious manner.”

No one is killed with a scythe, or by hanging. There is a farm, but it is in no way a “death farm.” Nor is there a massacre. Demented only serves to describe the people who made this film.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Cover Copy

Front cover: That woman, that man, not in the movie. Those clothes? Not in the movie. No one is killed with a scythe. Or by hanging. There are no goats, chickens, cows, barn, silo, tractor, fields. No big gnarled tree, although the house is in the woods (not out on the plains). Back cover: Tag line is cheesy. And inaccurate. The whole country bumpkin through dimwitted husband thing is wrong. Tagline #2 is also cheesy. And inaccurate. But there are diamond thieves from the city driving a Jeep.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

"I never seen a gun like that before. Can I see it?"

Worst Acting

Hooker Berates Moonshiner
Black Madame talks trash (badly) to moonshiner.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
George Ellis despite his performance as "Harlan P. Craven" in Demented Death Farm Massacre, they let him act again. 
Jim Peck Demented Death Farm MassacreM.cite> was his first role, and he has other scattered film credits up through 1997. 
Pepper Thurston The first of two imdb credits. In the other, she plays "Big Girl." 
Director Claim to Fame
Donn Davison from Kentucky; was both a yo-yo champion and a professional magician 
Fred Olen Ray in addition to directing films, he wrestles in the ACW 

Kevin Hogan

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