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Angelfist (1993)
Angel Fist

Nomination Year: 1996
SYNOPSIS:  A kickboxer catches an assassination on tape, and is murdered. Her sister, an LA police officer, comes to Manila to attempt to bring justice to those responsible. She goes undercover as (what else?) a kickboxer, and enters the kickboxing tournament that her sister would have entered.

While there is a film called Lingerie Kickboxer, this isn't it. It just seemed like it.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

"It Was No Fair, Boss, She Distracted Us!"
Topless kickboxing in the hotel room!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Catya Sassoon  
Melissa Moore  
Michael Shaner  
Denise Buick  
Jessica Roberts  
Joseph Zucchero  
Director Claim to Fame
Cirio H. Santiago sometimes credited as "Luis Nepomuceno" 

Kevin Hogan

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