Angels' Revenge (1979)
Angels' Brigade
Seven from Heaven

Nomination Year: 1996
SYNOPSIS:  Only lacking a disembodied-voice-on-the-phone giving them missions to make the rip-off complete, this Charlie's Angels send-up has not just three, but seven lovely ladies. Working together, each uses her unique talents to help shut down a heavily-guarded drug-making factory. The weak plot is made all the sadder by cameos from an ancient Pat Buttram (Green Acres' Mr. Haney) and a just-as-ancient Jim Backus (Mr. Howell from Gilligan's Island), both of whom seem hardly to know where they are anymore.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Hey, It Worked for O.J. and Clinton
"You're famous, so they'll trust you."

Worst Acting

Someone Throw Her into the Pool, Please
Jacqulin Cole. In the pool scene, where she's digging around in her purse.

Worst Picture

An Awkward Moment
The women are doing target practice with the teenage girl. She gets embarrassed and goes away.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Sylvia Anderson  
Kieu Chinh  
Jacqueline Cole  
Robin Greer  
Susan Kiger  
Noela Velasco  
Jim Backus "Mr. Howell" on Gilligan's Island 
Jack Palance Gravelly tough-guy through and through 
Alan Hale, Jr. "The Skipper" on Gilligan's Island 
Pat Buttram "Mr. Haney" from Green Acres 
Peter Lawford  
Neville Brand  
Greydon Clark writer and director of such Smithee classics as Psychic Killer and Angels Revenge 
Director Claim to Fame
Graydon Clark  

Bryan Cassidy

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