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Absolon  (2003)
(Foreign Titles)
Tagline(s):They Control Us All
 Fight for the cure... Or face extermination!
 In a World Ravaged By Disease, He Is the Cure
 In A World Held Hostage By A Deadly Plague, One Man Risks Everything To Deliver A Cure
Nomination Year: 2017
SYNOPSIS: In a world ravaged by disease, he's the only cure... and the last hope for human-kind. One corporation controls Absolon, the medicine that keeps everyone alive during a deadly plague. Our hero is a cop who investigates the death of a scientist who was researching the virus...only to find someone REALLY doesn't want him to solve the case.
Greg Pearson
Smithee Award Nominations
Most Ludicrous Premise
Poor Distribution
The rebels want to make the cure public and distribute it as widely as possible. So here's their brilliant plan.
Worst Science
I Don't Think That's How DNA Works
Only the original host can produce the anti-viral anti-bodies because, uh, plot.
Director Claim to Fame
David De Bartolome  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Christopher Lambert Detective Norman Scot A perennial Smithee favorite, was Connor McLeod of Highlander fame...and in many a Bad Movie besides. 
Lou Diamond Phillips Agent Walters Triangular-faced actor of mixed descent, played Ritchie Valens in La Bamba, Cisco in The Big Hit, and Chavez y Chavez in Young Guns
Kelly Brook Dr. Claire Whittaker Victoria Hardwick on "Smallville" and Prudence on "One Big Happy." 
Ron Perlman Murchison From getting a BJ from Rae-Dawn Chong in Quest for Fire to portraying Vincent on TV's "Beauty and the Beast", to the titular Hellboy, he has many, many other B-movie sightings. 
Roberta Angelica Detective Ruth Bryant Tends to play strippers and prostitutes. 
Stewart Arnott Dr. John Stewart Played Bernard in The Shape of Water; small but steady parts on TV shows. 
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