Nomination Year: 2017
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"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

“Drunk Is Not an Excuse for Being Right”
Noah gets his shiftless friend on the phone. They talk abouit “West Kraven” (a dig at Wes?). After some banter with the hot Indian chick, she says “You’re drunk.” “Drunk is not an excuse for being right, baby.”

Best One-Liner

I Wish I Had a Smaller Dick
Billy: “No man should die wishing that.”

Worst Cover Copy

There Was No Muck!
The misleading cover that just talks about the film style and makers.

Crummiest Ending

Muck Off
One final Boss Creeper emerges from the swamp and Noah and Troit fight and fight and fight it. Something drags Noah under the swamp. He’s gone. Troit eventually gets his trusty shovel and finishes the creeper off. He screams “Fight me!” to the night. No comers. Just when it looks like they are safe, the water bubbles under Chandi and Troit, who says: “This can’t be good.” It wasn’t. THE END. WHAT?!

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Bryan Cassidy

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