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Armed and Deadly (1994)
Night Siege
Project Shadowchaser II

Nomination Year: 1995
SYNOPSIS:  A female scientist and her son are trapped in her high-tech workplace by a group of terrorists who are out to steal the nuclear bomb stored there. Fortunately, she's helped by the janitor, who also happens to be an expert kickboxer. Unfortunately, the leader of the terrorists turns out to be a literal killing machine--an unstoppable android with artificial intelligence (much like the rest of the cast in that regard).


They Should've Made Him an Alien Cyborg
Okay, it's bad enough that a clever bunch of terrorists has taken over the complex, but suddenly, it turns out that the leader is a cyborg! We don't find out right away, mind you--it's from out of the blue, halfway through the film.

Worst Special Effect

Must've Been a Cyborg-Seeking Missile
The male hero of the film (the janitor at the top-secret facility where all this takes place) is trying to escape the complex before it self-destructs. He's hanging from a helicopter by a rope-ladder above an open missile silo. But unfortunately, the evil cyborg has followed, and grabs the janitor's foot. They struggle in front of one of the most egregious uses of the blue-screen technique that I've ever seen. Meanwhile, an Army attack chopper has been ordered to fire a missile and destroy the complex. The janitor finally knocks the cyborg off the rope-ladder. With superb cinematic timing, the cyborg falls (another terrible blue-screen event), and is impaled on the missile. Then the complex begins to self-destruct, and as the helicopter pulls away, we are treated to the janitor's continued climb up the rope ladder against a clearly blue-screened backdrop of fire and explosions (!).

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Frank Zagarino Plays a lot of androids, like in the Shadowchaser series 
Bryan Genesse Trained in Hun Gar Kung Fu and Muay Thai (the martial art, not the drink). 
Beth Toussaint the original "Anna Sheridan" on Babylon 5, before the role was taken over by Bruce Boxleitner's wife 
Robin Smith career peak was probably his small appearance in Ernest Goes to Africa 
Todd Jensen  
Director Claim to Fame
John Eyres  

Bryan Cassidy

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