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1990: Bronx Warriors  (1982)
1990 - The Bronx Warriors
1990: The Bronx Warriors
Bronx Warriors
The Bronx Warriors
Tagline(s):The first to die were the lucky ones!
 Who will survive when no one deserves to live?
 The Bronx Is Burning for Revenge
 A Heavy Metal Journey Into An Urban Hell Where Everything Has Gone Wrong!
 The lucky ones were the first to die!
Nomination Year: 2018
SYNOPSIS: In a completely unoriginal twist, a foreign post-apocalyptic film focuses on New York City. Ripping off Escape from New York, a policeman infiltrates the Bronx, which has become a battleground for murderous street gangs.
Smithee Award Nominations
Suddenly It's A Clockwork Orange Meets West Side Story
The Droog Gang comes out of the woodwork. Well, from behind the pillars of a warehouse. They kick the asses of the Bronx Warriors with the power of Broadway Jazz Dance.

Suddenly, their leader -- the post-apocalyptic granddaughter of Ben Vereen, I'm guessing -- appears. She states: "You're trespassing, Trash. I said, 'You're trespassing...Trash.'" Yeah, we heard you the first time. Luckily she has a soft spot for him. And Bob Fosse, apparently.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Acting
Annie Get Your Company
Annie (badly) tells Trash on the beach that she's soon to inherit the Manhattan Corp.
Worst Picture
Drum Intro for Biker Gang and Ogre
Trash and The Ogre finally get to meet up. The Ogre has a little surprise gift for Trash.

But for some odd reason, there is a drummer at the site before even our heroes show up, drumming to no one. Pointlessly, ceaselessly...

Director Claim to Fame
Enzo G. Castellari Also wrote or co-wrote many of the Italian post- apocalyptic science fiction films of the late 1970s and early 1980s. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Vic Morrow Hammer Craggy actor who got his head chopped off while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie
Christopher Connelly Hot Dog Henry in Benji; AKA Chris[topher] Connel[l]y. 
Fred Williamson The Ogre King of Blaxploitation. Known as "The Hammer." Except in 1990: Bronx Warriors, where he's "The Ogre" and Vic Morrow is "Hammer." 
Mark Gregory Trash Short-Lived career as a post-apocalyptic set of pecs. 
Stefania Girolami-Goodwin Ann More a producer/director than an actress. Actually, probably also more a shark spearfisher than an actress, but I digress. Assistant-directed "Dawson's Creek," "American Gothic," and Super Mario there's that. 
Ennio Girolami Samuel Fisher Actor in and sometimes director of many "spaghetti" post-apocalyptic flicks. 
George Eastman Golan Tough guy or monster in many a spaghetti Western or Post-Apocalypse film (like Bastard, Go and Kill, Warriors of the Wasteland, and Porno Holocaust). But he really wanted to direct -- and only got to do it three times. 
Joshua Sinclair Ice In addition to acting, he is also a writer, and a medical doctor (although he has never played one on TV). 
Betty Dessy Witch  
Angelo Ragusa Leech More a stuntman than an actor. Clearly. 
Enzo G. Castellari Vice-President A director who cameoed in many of his spaghetti Westerns/post-apocalyptic flicks. 
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