Adam & Evil  (2004)
Adam and Evil
Halloween Camp 2: Scream If You Wanna Die Faster
Tagline(s):One bad apple...ripe for revenge
Nomination Year: 2018
SYNOPSIS: A group of sexy high school graduates are ready for a weekend of serious partying at a remote camp ground. Soon a murderer is on the loose... Seems I've heard this one somewhere before...
Bryan Cassidy
Smithee Award Nominations
Smithee Award Winner! Best One-Liner
Knock, Knock...
"No guns?! What if a bear comes knocking at your door?"

"I wouldn't open the door."

Director Claim to Fame
Andrew Van Slee Directed such masterpieces as Adam & Evil, Revenge of the Extras, Rock Star Puppies...and somehow, Legally Blonde
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Sean Arnfinson Adam How do you get a titular role in a Hollywood movie and then sink out of sight? Ask THIS guy. 
Barbara Kottmeier Evelyn Anna Loring on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." 
Erica Cerra Yvonne Played Jo Lupo on "Eureka," Duma on "Supernatural," and A.L.I.E./Dr. Becca Franco on "The 100." 
Lynsey Brothers Yvette  
Dave Barton Father  
James Clayton Shane  
Jodie Graham Earl  
Terran Orletsky Rob  
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