Asylum of Satan (1972)

Nomination Year: 1994
SYNOPSIS:  Dr. Spector is a Satan-worshipping shrink who uses his asylum to sacrifice psychiatric patients to his vile lord. When an unassuming female pianist has a nervous breakdown, she's sent to the Good Doctor's asylum for treatment. The Devil takes a shine to her and Spector begins to prepare her to become Lucifer's mate. Will she become the Devil's bride, or will her whiny boyfriend save her?

Smithee Award Winner! Stupidest-Looking Monster

Satan Looks Like Hell
Satan never looked so lame. I guess Hell has taken its toll over the centuries, because his head not only appears to be papier-maché, but also looks exactly like he has olive slices for eyes.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Cover Copy

Tortured Love Slaves, Blood-Dripping Death, and Mistaken Virginity
The cover claims that there are "Love Slaves of Satan Tortured to a Blood-Dripping Death." I don't know what film they saw, but there is no love (with slaves or otherwise), no blood-dripping, and very little torture. The cover copy also says that the heroine is "mistaken for a virgin." Anyone want to tell me how that happens?

Worst Special Effect

It Took Months To Train the Bugs To Move in Unison Like That
One "Love Slave of Satan" is "tortured to a blood-dripping death" by having her and her wheelchair locked in a room while someone outside shoots fire extinguishers through the vents at her. She panics and falls over. Then, as she lies on the floor, a string of plastic bugs is pulled across her face. Somehow, this all kills her.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Charles Kissinger  
Nick Jolley  
Carla Borelli  
Director Claim to Fame
William Girdler killed in a helicopter crash in Manila in 1978 

Bryan Cassidy

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