Nomination Year: 2018
SYNOPSIS:  Bugs take over one day. No reason. They just do. There's an incapacitating sound and the next thing everyone's webbed up. Except for our hero Cooper, who wakes up. No reason.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Not the Same Headspace
Cindy offers herself to Cooper, who is "not in the same head space" and he rejects her.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

They make it to Cindy's house and find her family webbed...except for Chad, who turned into a hybrid spider-bug-thing. "You're killing him!" she wails at one point. "No shit!"

Best One-Liner

"He Seemed Nice," Said the Drunk Asshole
They're talking about Chad, who just tried to kill them. "That THING was my brother." "Yeah...he seemed nice." She storms off. "Even post-apocalypse, I'm the drunk asshole."

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Cindy Loses It
Insane and feeling rejected, Cindy decides to yell for the bugs. And they come.

Crummiest Ending

Holy Shi
It's the mop-up. The bug nest has been destroyed, and the bugs are all gone. They're going around waking people up—like they fricking should have been doing all along, since apparently the process leaves you completely unharmed. They're engaging in some light nerd-hero-gets-the-girl banter. Then: "Look!" They look offscreen. She says "Whoa!" He exclaims "Holy shit." And...the movie simply ENDS. CEASES. We never get to see what it was, nor was there ever any foreshadowing as to what it even might be that they're looking at.

Worst Picture

Truck Ride
Cooper says it's a bad idea to try to leave in the truck. They don't listen. The blond driver runs over a bug and makes a snarky, inane comment. Immediate bug attack. Passenger Guy jumps out and breaks his leg. Driver gets bugnapped right out of the driver's seat. And then the out-of-control truck runs over Passenger Guy.

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Bryan Cassidy

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