The Name of the Game Is Kill!

Nomination Year: 2018
SYNOPSIS:  A Hungarian drifter named Sim is taken in by a strange family of four—a mother and three sisters—who run a gas station/roadside attraction in the middle of nowhere. Including snakes and tarantulas. Turns out the women are all insane...and "mother" isn't really "mother."

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

This Guy's a Doctor??
"The best place to get hit is in the head." "But she died." "Like I said, it's dangerous to get hit on the head."

Crummiest Ending

Mother of an Ending
No. No. NO! Everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow. The mysteries were all solved. Diz ran over the mom. The dad dressed in drag to be the mom they never had. Nan killed Julio to stop him taking Mickey away and breaking up the family. Revelations over, the lovers drive off into the sunset together and Dadmom attones by poisoning his, Nan's, and Diz's tea. The End? NO. They HAD to put in one more line. A groggy Sim asks Mickey: "What really happened to your mother?" And she looks at the camera with an enigmatic, almost evil smile. Freeze Frame. The End. GAAAAH.

Worst Acting

Diz's Performance
Diz's Performance Overblown and whiny.

Actors/Directors of Note
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Bryan Cassidy

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