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Castle Freak  (1995)
Castillo Maldito
Dvorac Nakaza
Herança Maldita
Il Castello
Il Segreto del Castello
A Kastély Torzszülötte
Misterio Viviente
Potwór na Zamku
Stuart Gordon's Castle Freak
To Frikio tou Kastrou
Torture Castle - Die Bestie aus dem Folterkeller
Un Castillo Alucinante
Tagline(s):Hideous. Hungry. And Loose.
 Hideous... Hungry... and Loose!
 Darkness has Awakened...
Nomination Year: 2018
SYNOPSIS: An American man inherits an actual castle in Italy from a distant relative. But can moving there heal the family devastated by a dead son and a blinded daughter, both the victims of his drunk driving accident? Not likely, when the wife is having a hard time forgiving him...oh, and when there's a twisted, murderous freak loose in the castle, left over from the previous occupant!
Bryan Cassidy
Smithee Award Nominations
"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"
Where Are the Dicks?'s male frontal nudity...but they ain't here.
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Worst Acting
Search This Castle!
I knew the actor playing the dad (Jeffrey Combs) wouldn't disappoint...or rather, would. I was just waiting for a scene from him like this. He's arguing with a policeman about searching his castle and his performance is...well, watch.
Director Claim to Fame
Stuart Gordon The "genius" behind Re-Animator, From Beyond, Fortress, Castle Freak, and, of all things, the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Jeffrey Combs John Reilly Prolific D-list actor and voice-actor. In addition to being the original Re-Animator (Dr. Herbert West), he was Weyoun and Brunt on "ST: DS9"; the voice of Ratchet on "Transformers Prime"; Commander Shran on "Star Trek: Enterprise"; and the voice of The Question from "Justice League Unlimited." 
Barbara Crampton Susan Reilly Aubrey in You're Next; Megan Halsey in Re- Animator; and Carol in Body Double (Mr. Smithee's favorite De Palma film). 
Jonathan Fuller Giorgio The "freak" of Castle Freak and the titular Arcade
Jessica Dollarhide Rebecca Reilly  
Massimo Sarchielli Giannetti The innkeeper in Ladyhawke
Elisabeth Kaza Agnese Phoedra in Iron Warrior
Luca Zingaretti Constable Forte This guy had his own Italian TV show (he was the titular "Inspector Montalbano") and has won lots of Italian acting awards...what's he doing here? 
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