Attack of the Eye Creatures (1965)
Attack of the the Eye Creatures
The Eye Creatures

Nomination Year: 1994
SYNOPSIS:  It's an invasion of completely ineffectual aliens who, when the actors aren't out of their lame costumes, resemble actors in lame costumes. When one of these "Eye Creatures" gets run over by a 60's teenage couple, it sets them on the trail of a Scooby-Doo-like mystery to find out where the alien came from. Eventually, when no adults would believe them, the local teens dispatch the aliens themselves by surrounding the invasion force with their car headlights. This causes the light-sensitive extraterrestrials to explode, which, if you think about it, is a really strong disadvantage from an invasion standpoint. For no Earthly reason, the film is punctuated by two army idiots at a monitoring station who, sadly, survive til the end.


It Was Nice of Sarge To Hook Up Cable to the Radar and Not Tell Us
The two army nitwits are watching the eye creatures on the IR monitor and think it's a movie.

Smithee Award Winner! "Whoops!"

Must Be a Female -- It Has Different Markings
When the "Eye Creatures" attack, you can plainly see one of them has just a head on and a black leotard.


A Rather Major Design Flaw
The flying saucer has a convenient fuse with which to blow it up!

Worst Acting

Corporal Dumb and Private Dumber
The two army guys talk at the monitor and reveal their dumbitude.

Worst Picture

We Would've Gotten Away With It, Too, If It Weren't for You Meddling Kids and Your Headlights
(clip two) - In a scene that's obviously shot during the day (Night! Day! Night!), the horrible Eye Creatures blow up spectacularly when exposed to light, even car headlights. What an invasion.

Worst Picture

Doesn't Anyone Proofread These These Things?
(clip one) - When the TITLE ITSELF reads, "Attack of the The Eye Creatures," you know it's gonna be Baaad.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Ashley  
Cynthia Hull  
Warren Hammack  
Bob Cowan  
Tony Huston writer of The Sidehackers and Curse of the Swamp Creature, among others 
Jonathan Ledford  
George Edgley  
Bill Thurman  
Shirley McLine  
Charles McLine  
Director Claim to Fame
Larry Buchanan was a folk musician prior to becoming a director 

Bryan Cassidy

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