Baffled! (1972)

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  Leonard Nimoy stars in what was a failed TV pilot about a smiling, charismatic race-car driver who suddenly discovers he's psychic. It's painfully 70's. Along with a fetching young psychological researcher, he follows one of his visions to England, where there's murder afoot at an old manor house. A strange plot, indeed. Throughout.


I'm Chad, Your Assailant for This Evening -- Please Wait To Be Bludgeoned
The intrepid duo is forced off the road by a mysterious black van. The heroine promptly goes up to the back of the van, opens the doors, and stares inside. There's a pause. A good two seconds later, she gets clubbed unconscious by somebody within. Didn't she see them?!

Smithee Award Winner! Best One-Liner

"I Do Little Kids, Too."
The real villain of this film turns out to be a man who spent the entire time disguised as a wheelchair-bound elderly woman (shades of Anthony Perkins!). Leonard and the villain struggle and both fly out the window. Leonard, of course, makes it. Later, when everyone is saying their goodbyes, the landlady thanks the racer for his help. Leonard "Smilin' Lenny" Nimoy's reply: "Next time you need someone to wrestle with an old lady, just give me a buzz." I really think he should stick to "Live long and prosper."

Inane Dialogue

Feel My Groove, Babe
Smilin' Lenny tells his co-star upon their first meeting, "Hey, why shouldn't I say it -- you're a great-lookin' chick!" I'll tell you why you shouldn't say's STUPID.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Leonard Nimoy "Spock" from Star Trek 
Susan Hampshire British advocate of Dyslexics' Rihgts 
Director Claim to Fame
Philip Leacock Directed episodes of many famous '70s TV shows 

Bryan Cassidy

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