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Dead Kids (1981)
Human Experiments
Small Town Massacre
Strange Behavior

Nomination Year: 1997
SYNOPSIS:  Years ago, a mad scientist was conducting controversial mind-control experiments on college students. Luckily, the local sheriff put a stop to his misguided research, killing him in the process. But now it's starting all over again. A new (this time female) scientist is reopening the mad doctor's work -- and now the sheriff's son is unwittingly involved in the study. Just like before, seemingly ordinary people are exhibiting (*ahem*) "Disturbing Behavior," committing brutal murders with no motive and no recollection. But the female psychologist responsible is only the accomplice, not the mastermind. It turns out that the original mad doctor was not killed, but has lain in wait all these years, recuperating and perfecting his techniques, until he could gain his revenge against the sheriff who took away his woman, his work, and (almost) his life. And what better weapon of retribution than his own son?

Deus Ex Machina

It's Kind of a Reverse-Vader/Luke Sorta Thing
The evil scientist has captured the sheriff, his arch-nemesis. Beaten and cuffed to a chair, the sheriff is powerless to do anything but watch as his own son is brought in, clearly in a deep trance-like state of mind control. The wheelchair-bound scientist exults about how the sheriff stole all that was precious to him: his woman, whom he loved and who once loved him, left him for the sheriff; his life's work, exposed and ruined by the sheriff; his health, robbed by the sheriff's bullet. Now the scientist gives the son a nasty-looking kitchen knife and issues the order: "Kill your father!" The young man hesitates, clearly struggling with the command. "I said KILL your FATHER!" he repeats. The son advances on the terrified and pleading sheriff with the knife. Suddenly, at the last second, he plunges the blade into the scientist's chest! "But...I said...kill your father!" he stammers. The young man's reply: "You ARE my father." Whoops. How embarrassing for everyone.

Best One-Liner

She Attacked Me, But She Had a Great Personality
A witness said the killer was a young, overweight female. At the police station, assistants are bringing armful after armful of file-folders -- dossiers on local teenage girls -- and dump them on the desk.
Detective #1: "What are we gonna do with these?"
Detective #2: "We're gonna find the FAT ones!"

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Michael Murphy Usually plays the clean-cut political type; was the mayor in Batman Returns 
Louise Fletcher Nurse Ratched in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest; Kai Winn on Star Trek: DS9 
Dan Shor Billy the Kid in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; Jonah Newman on Cagney & Lacey 
Fiona Lewis  
Arthur Dignam The Father in Moulin Rouge 
Marc McClure "Jimmy Olsen" in the Superman flicks 
Director Claim to Fame
Michael Laughlin  

Bryan Cassidy

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