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Monster Dog (1984)

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  Alice Cooper plays "Lou," who is evidently something of a werewolf. He takes a pack of his band friends (none of whom knows of his condition) back to his old homestead, where the locals are none too thrilled to have the old "werewolf house" re-occupied after years of peaceful vacancy.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

What a Dog
Though you can see it only very briefly, what we can see of the "Monster Dog" is really stupid and ugly.

Worst Cover Copy

Alice Wears Makeup: There's a Stretch
The cover copy, like the movie, has very little in the way of plot. Mostly, it just points out how Alice Cooper was one of the first rockers to use makeup on stage, and -- hey -- he's in makeup here, too. So it must be good, right? The cover graphics, too, are mainly cheesy 9th-grader-style sketches rather than photos.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

"They Look Like a Wholesome Bunch -- Let's Let 'Em In"
Lou has gone off to chase after one of the group who's wandered away. Knowing the locals mean him harm, he tells the rest not to let ANYONE in the house. Into this tense atmosphere, a pickup truck pulls up and a bunch of seedy guys armed to their yellow teeth approaches the house. "We are, uh, friends of Lou," they claim, "Can we come in?" Those in the house (supposedly Lou's real friends) conclude: "Well, Lou said not to let ANYONE in, but if you're friends, I guess it's okay."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Alice Cooper Hard-core rock musician, but tried acting a couple times. Should've stuck with music. 
Victoria Vera  
Carlos Santurio  
Director Claim to Fame
Claudio Fragasso  

Bryan Cassidy

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