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Moontrap (1989)
Moon Trap

Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS:  A moon-mission returns to Earth with an unexpected passenger: a mechanical egg which quickly constructs itself into a killer robot. The robot is destroyed with difficulty, but not before it rampages through the NASA complex. Another manned lunar expedition is formed, headed by aging astronaut Jason (Walter Koenig, of STAR TREK), to determine the lunar origin of the menace. Once there, they find all sorts of alien technology, including an alien babe whom they free from suspended animation. When the mechanized monsters attack them on the moon, their ships are destroyed and all are killed except Jason and the space woman. The two of them are barely able to utilize the alien technology to return to Earth -- but both know that someday the robot eggs will rain down on the unsuspecting planet.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Gee, She Sure Doesn't Look Alien...
With his entire team dead, Jason forlornly sets up his moon-tent (he pulls a string and it inflates, complete with airlock). He and the alien babe go inside and take off their spacesuits. He begins to wallow in self-pity, lamenting his age and the way the mission has been going. Though she doesn't speak a word of English, the alien seems to sense his distress and (one supposes) decides to cheer him up. She completely disrobes and they have hot alien sex on the moon. This all takes place minutes after his best friend Ray was killed by the machines, which could still be lurking anywhere. And I guess the issue of cross-species sexual compatibility was resolved pretty darn quickly, too.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Cover Copy

Walter Koenig...of STAR TREK
Every time the cover mentions Walter Koenig, it's followed by "of STAR TREK." Like an elbow in the ribcage, they seem to be saying: "Hey, look, you like STAR TREK, right? You'll like this! Really! It's got Walter Koenig...of STAR TREK!" In fact, the synopsis on the back cover doesn't come off as a plot summary of Moontrap so much as a mini-filmography of Walter Koenig...of STAR TREK.

In case you haven't already guessed, each time a Smith-ka-teer mentions him, it's always: "Walter Koenig...of STAR TREK."

Worst Acting

This Doesn't Strike Me as a "Ha-Ha" Kind of Situation
I don't know the conditions on the set the day they shot this scene, but throughout it, Walter Koenig (of STAR TREK) and Bruce Campbell both look like they can hardly keep a straight face. What ought to have been a poignant death scene turns laughable. Something like this:
Ray (through grimaced teeth): "Ha ha ha! I'm gonna die on the moon!"
Jason: "Haha! Screw you! No you're not! Ha ha!"
[Ray dies, and Jason yells at his corpse for a bit.]
Meanwhile, in the orbiting capsule above them, George -- the guy who's their ride home -- is having problems of his own. Some kind of lightning-weapon from the surface has shorted out all his systems. Unlike the two on the ground, this guy (Tom Case) displays no emotion at all -- not fear, not surprise, or, for that matter, even interest:
"my god. i'm going down. (oh, well.)" BOOM!
Bad Acting all around. At least the explosion made for a briefly cool light show.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Walter Koenig "Mr. Chekov" of STAR TREK 
Bruce Campbell Star of Evil Dead and Briscoe County, Jr., among much else 
Leigh Lombardi  
Robert Kurcz  
Tom Case  
Director Claim to Fame
Robert Dyke  

Bryan Cassidy

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